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Saif Mohamed Fathy Taha

(Dar El Tarbiah School Zamalek OL ICT)

I’ve really never seen a more organised course than the OL ICT course, every class was carefully planned before it started. For example, miss Nepal used to explain part of the lesson at first without leaving a single detail.Then literally everyone in the class was given the chance to ask his question/s before we go to the next part of the class and that was something i really did appreciate. Also the regular mocks and quizzes were extremely rewarding. This intensive practice on paper 2 and 3 really helped me to gain confidence in the final exam. The mock exams really helped me to see my progress which was something useful and always helped me to do better in the next quiz/mock because miss Nepal always incentivised me on doing better through her supportive words . The SUPPORTIVE atmosphere that miss Nepal created in each class and the endless advice that we were given, were things that i have never seen in any course before, this support and motivation played a very important role in my A*.

Miss Nepal always used to create a lively atmosphere in the class to encourage the shy and lazy bones to participate and she definitely succeeded. We answered a huge amount of past papers exams because we finished the syllabus early which was something extremely helpful, as many of the questions were repetitive so i found that by the end of the course I was really ready to sit for an examination.

I really appreciated the control over the class. Inspite of the huge number of students, miss Nepal managed to control the class and during explanation only silence was spreading in the class. The assistants were extremely helpful and they never failed to explain something. They were really nice to everyone and I really appreciated the extra practical sessions that they did. I also appreciated the WhatsApp sub-groups with the assistants, as they used to follow our late homework and our progress as well.

Everyone was really caring starting from miss Nepal to all the team and I have never seen that in any course before.


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Malak Waleed Hassan

(Manarat El Farouk Islamic school / OL CS)

I truly enjoyed the course, ms Nepal is a wonderful teacher to have in class, she always separate between work time and fun ones, she never misses any detail and always asking if someone needs re explanation and always keen to let everyone in the classroom never dismiss without being fully aware of what she explained. Also she has a simple way to deliver the information easily with no struggles, and pushes us to work really hard even in those bad days.

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Martin Emad Beshay

(New Ramses college /OL ICT)

I’m retaking ICT and I learned many stuff I didn’t know about in the first place. The teaching was great as well as the assistants help. The course required a lot of effort and work but when staying on the track with the teacher made it easier. Overall the course was great and Ms. Nepal and her assistants effort was remarkable.

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Lorian Bahgat Naseh

(Sahara International school / OL CS)

We did so much throughout the session, as our homework and quizzes which really helped at the end in having various evidence to be sent. Even though it seemed stressful at that time, but it was useful as we were ready for any quiz or exam. I also liked so much how the theoretical and programming notes were neat ,organized and they already had everything in details which made it easier to study from. W tab3an i loved the most the way ms Nepal explained each class then we read the part explained from the notes which made it much easier to study at home asI already remembered most of the things. Thank you for such a great session, i loved it.

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Joy Ashraf

(New Ramses College/ OL ICT)

First of all, I want to say that I honestly loved and enjoyed every single session (except quiz days😅). You truly have such a talent in teaching and how you deliver us the information in the simplest way.

I really enjoyed being taught by someone like you. So helpful, caring, loving and energetic.❤️


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Farida Mohamed Ahmed

(DETS Agouza ICT/CS)

Always practicing, answer all our questions anytime, repeating many times, helpful assistances .

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Mariam Mohamed Gomaa


We didn’t want a teacher who just simply educates us. We wanted someone who cares for about every single student. By helping us develop our social skills and feel confident in our classroom, you have been exactly what we were looking for. We couldn’t be more thankful that we have had you in our lives.I'll always remember attending your class. You are the best teacher! Really thankk uu for your greattt effortt.

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Marwan Waleed Mohamed


The course was easy and miss Nepal made it a lot easier with her proper teaching technique and i'm so thankful for having a teacher like her. Also her assistants are very helpful and they care for your grade and make sure that you understand whatever you've asked them about.

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Anas Mohamed Ahmed Awad


- Notes are very comprehensive

- Teacher is dedicated to the subject

- Classified notes are well organized

- Teacher always on time.

- Assistants are helpful and active

- Course is explained in a reasonable period, neither long nor short

- Homework is always checked and corrected by assistants

-Teacher's body language is impressive

- Teacher has control of the session 


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Aly khaled Talaat

(New Orouba / OL CS)

It was really a good course and so helpful for me. The most important thing that you were really following up step by step with each student and show how you really care to get good grades in the course and i really appreciate your effort.

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Maya Hesham Zaher


It was really a good course and so helpful for me. The most important thing that you were really following up step by step with each student and show how you really care to get good grades in the course and i really appreciate your effort.

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Youssef Mohamed Abdelmonem


Excellent course w begadd miss nepal wel assistants beto3ha beybzlo ahsan w aksa maghood ashan nhave el best outcome begad my fav teacher and subject.

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Jana Amr Ahmed Hemade


I will first talk about the Syllabus, practical is the easiest part of the syllabus as it’s all about steps. The only part that needs a little bit of understanding is in the Excel, however if hundreds of exams are solved, you will be used to solved it right. Theoretical is all about understanding the everyday life in ICT from robots to how internet works.

On the other hand, One of the positive things, Miss Nepal has the correct way of teaching and gets examples for everyday life so students can understand. She also gives regular homework and quizzes. You can take ICT even if you have zero knowledge about computer.


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Youssef Mohamed Fathy

(DETS Zamalek/ OL ICT)

Firstly, having a lot of practice before the exam and answering all the past papers exams inevitably aided me during my exam. Another thing was the merits of answering the practical papers sometimes on a projector, as this enabled me to concentrate more and take care of the small mistakes that can unintentionally occur during the exam ; in-addition , miss Nepal was always trying to make the class full of vigour which undoubtedly aided me and the candidates to concentrate during the class especially during the theoretical classes, so this helped me at the end during my exams. Not only was miss Nepal helpful during the class, but also after the class she used to sit with us answering all the questions sitting many hours from the beginning of the day till the end and sitting for remedies as well, I really appreciated her effort. Furthermore, the assistants were extremely helpful and kind and whenever I asked them a question, they were always there answering me especially after the idea of making subgroups it was beneficial, so thats one of the things I really appreciated.

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Seifeldin Haytham Elazab Hewait


1- Very big effort was spent by the teacher to ensure that all the information were fully simplified for students.

2- Many examples were given during explanation to facilitate understanding the subject.

3- Many exercises and mock exams were given to students to ensure their understanding and the ability of solving different types of questions.

4- The teacher carefully selected very good assistants to help and support students.

5- I highly appreciate the very professional way that the teacher used to continue the course online during Covid-19.

6- We got very serious and controlled exams with a fair evaluation

7- Too much work that helped me a lot to finish my target before the deadline.

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Yassin Ramy


Miss Nepal never leaves someone behind, she is always making sure that everything that should be done is done properly. She improves students academically and mentally, she gives excellent motivational speeches.

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Maya Maged

(DETS Agouza / OL ICT)

The course really helped me improve my skills in ICT especially the practical course. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about computers not just for the academic purposes but also generally in life.


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Safeya Iyad


Honestly my experience was great. I’m not just saying, but Ms Nepal was one of the most dedicated teachers I’ve encountered in my IGCSE journey. Great explanation, weekly quizzes that force you to at least go through the syllabus once a week so you don’t forget about it, homework..etc. She did her job fully.

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Omar Alaa Nawar

(Knowledge Valley Schools /OL CS)

The course really helped me to actually learn and understand more importantly the subject.

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Menna Essam Omar


Mn ahsan el courses ely momken akon hadartaha fe hayaty bgd 3shan awl mara ashof modares caring keda w byheb el students awe keda kont bahes en hadretek msh bthbeny fel awel bas bel hadretek bt3mleh ma3ana akedly ad eh hadretek shakhsya bgd responsible w btheby your students w mahadsh by3ml keda ma3 el students bta3to bahebek ya miss nepooo♥️♥️♥️

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Carol Ehab


Everything in the course was handled perfectly..to make it clear, the course explanation was really simple and perfect,also the fact of having personal assistants that never miss any of our questions at home made the course much easier and also finishing the syllabus so early was great ..also homework and solving pastpapers was so great because without having due dates i would have never solved that great quantity . Sometimes I thought it was too much to do.


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Nour Mohamed Eisawy

(Manor house school / OL ICT & CS)

This course helped me work really hard and it payed off really well. Mrs Nepal helped a ton, her notes, classified and exams have been a great help and it improved me a lot. I’m very thankful to this course and very glad that i took these subjects with Mrs Nepal.